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As we mentioned on the previous page, that was your ONLY chance to grab the sales pages and graphics for the 52 products.

So if you still want those, please click the back button and order it now, because it really IS a "one time" offer.

However, we realize that not everyone might need those materials, particularly if you're an experienced marketer and you'll be using the products in your own bundles.

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The OptiROI software has never been released, and this is your chance to grab a piece of the split testing niche. And with Bonus #1 (the Photoshop templates), you can create your own E-covers for all of the products.

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This Firesale Firesale Upgrade Package "B" does NOT include the sales pages or e-covers, but it includes ALL the other products from the previous upgrade offer.

You'll still receive all of this...








So here's the value of what you're getting in this upgrade package...

Included ComponentValue
OptiROI Software (Unrestricted)$1000.00
Split Testing Ebook (Unrestricted)$100.00
Bonus #1: Graphics Templates$97.00
Bonus #2: 30 Niche Headers with PSD$150.00
Bonus #3: Software Development Manual (Unrestricted)$197.00
Bonus #4: 6 Figure System (Unrestricted)$97.00
Bonus #5: 4 Broken Software (Unrestricted)$400.00
TOTAL VALUE:$2041.00

We hope you can see that the materials in this upgrade package will help you MAXIMIZE your profits as you build and grow your online business.

Do not come asking for this offer later. Not even later today. We're sorry, but there will be no exceptions to this rule.

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After you order below, your download page will contain the main Firesale Firesale package (which you already paid for), PLUS all of the components included in this special upgrade package. You will have access to download all of it immediately.

Firesale Firesale Upgrade Package "B"

With this special offer, you're getting all of the above for...

Firesale Firesale Upgrade Package B

After placing your order, you will receive access to the upgraded download page.
If you need any help, please open a support ticket at http://www.ericsupport.com

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